2020 Tournament Rules & Information

Jan. 16, 2020

April 25-26, 2019


Championships in each division (Tie Breakers):

  • Record in the division
  • Head to head competition
  • Point Differential among all tied teams (if 3 or more) if applicable (max. 15 points per game)
  • Point Differential all games (max. 15 points per game)
  • Dual champions if tied after tiebreak system
  • Championship T-shirts awarded (to all 4-0 teams)

Tournament Rules:

  • Sixteen (16) minute halves – Grades 7-12
  • Fourteen (14) minute halves – Grade 6
  • Stopped clock on all whistles
  • All overtime (2) minutes, plus one extra timeout
  • 10 second backcourt – no shot clock
  • Four (4) full timeouts per game (taken any time)
  • Six (6) personal fouls
  • Three (3) minute half-time
  • Five (5) minute warm-up between games
  • One & one (1&1) on 7th team foul
  • Two (2) free throws on 10th team foul
  • No stopping clock after a made basket in the last minute of game
  • No pressing if up by 20 points
  • Enter free throw lane after release (except shooter)
  • Running clock whenever score differential is more than 20 points (in the second half of the game ONLY and remains until there is a 15 point or less differential)
  • Technical Foul is 2 points and the ball. No free throws shot.
  • First team listed on schedule is the home team (light colored jersey and provides official scorekeeper)
  • Second team (visitor) listed provides game ball.
  • No jewelry allowed and no tape over earrings
  • Players must wear sleeves over any hard brace (referee has final say)
  • All other rules are NYS Girls High School rules

Teams must be ready 20 minutes before scheduled game or risk forfeiture. Games can start up to15 minutes early provided the 5 minute warm-up time is provided first.



  • NYS sportsmanship rule in effect
  • No trash talking, no taunting, no baiting
  • All coaches, fans and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship, especially toward officials (players or coaches receiving 2 technical fouls in one game will be excused from all venues for the remainder of the day)
  Note: If any discrepancies should arise between the above summary and actual game conditions, it shall be left to the Commissioner of Officials for final interpretation.

Officiating by Utica Board of Women's Officials and Utica IAABO Board 51 Men's Officials.

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